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My fitness journey with Beachbody has been so amazing and I know there is more to come! I've had the pleasure of meeting people and helping them do things they didn't think they could do. Reaching goals that they never thought of. Being a Beachbody coach is nothing like I imagined at first but the feeling I get from helping other feel better about themselves is so priceless! Yes we all want to lose weight....get in shape...but I think its really all about the feeling we get from doing so and living a healthier life style! If you're on your own fitness journey but have it in on your heart to help others then I'd love to have you on the team! We need more people who understand the ups and downs of getting healthy and becoming fit. Someone who understands that it is a journey and not a race! If you'd like to know how you can make money doing what you love, then this is your calling!

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